Thursday, December 8, 2011

Game Anak Muslim Merangkai Huruf Hijaiyah

Game hijaiyah stringing letters is very suitable for children aged 3 years and older. This game comes with voice features which can stimulate children to play. This game is probably similar to the name bounce game, but just like the time limit given in this game. For those of you who have children we suggest to try to give them this game.
How to teach hijaiyah letter to the child in a fun way? One is to use edu-game called "The letters Arranging Hijaiyah". Perograman this flash-based games will help children to be more sensitive to recognize the letters hijaiyah. This game also provides an exciting challenge with a time limit for completion of each problem.

This simple game will feature an Arabic-language words, players are asked to select letters hijaiyah of letters that have been spliced​​. Players are required to place the order of the letters according to a given word. If something goes wrong placement of the letters, the software will provide confirmation to make improvements.
Edu-game invites children to recognize letters of the hurf hijaiyah hijaiyah series of letters that have been connected. Thus very suitable for children or teenagers who are learning to read and write letters to connect hijaiyah. Also for the elderly or enthusiasts who are just learning to read and write Arabic. Clearly, learning letters hijaiyah be happy and fun, and interactive.

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  1. I am sure this game will be very popular some day, great posting